The City by the Bay

Birthday travels this past month took me to a city I've long wished to visit. San Francisco, the lady by the sea, full of culture and history, tech giants and small coffee shops, Ubers and trolleys, and, best of all, people. Oh, the people. I could not get enough of the diverse array of humans filling up this bustling metropolis.

We ventured through most of the districts, but I doubt we even scratched the surface of what this city had to offer. There are so many inspiring shops and incredible artists. It's a city of progress, always changing and growing, and it’s taking the world with it.

Per usual, with my birthday falling in the lovely season of spring, we arrived just in time for a storm. Within a few hours of landing, we were walking in pouring - dumping, actually - heavy rain. We gathered our courage and forged ahead, determined to not let the rainfall ruin our adventure. Armed with boots, coats, and umbrellas, we walked about the city for three days and loved it!

Here’s a compilation of few of our favorite stops and shops; hopefully, they inspire ideas for your next visit to the ever-intriguing City by the Bay.

| Food + Drink to Savor |
  • Café St. Jorge
  • Tartine Bakery
  • Miette Confiserie
  • Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Bi-Rite Markets
  • Bi-Rite Creamery
  • Absinthe Brasserie
  • Tacolicious
  • Ferry Building
  • Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

| Spots to Gawk |
  • Mission District
  • Bernal Heights Park
  • Mission Dolores Park
  • Alamo Square Park
  • Patricia’s Green
  • Embarcadero Promenade
  • Palace of Fine Arts Theater

| Shops + Streets to Peruse |
  • Health Ceramics
  • Hayes Street
  • Maker Moss
  • Chestnut Street
  • Taylor Stitch



  1. Great recommendations! My sis and I will be going to SF this August!

  2. Tartine and blue bottle are 2 stops I always recommend to visitors! Glad you were able to visit, loved your pictures.


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