French Market Basket

The simplicities of a market basket are not to be lost, but there are some key features I look for and appreciate in my baskets. For those looking to acquire their first, here are some guidelines I like to follow:

  •             The tight weave of a traditional french market basket.  
  •             A wide opening to improve the ease of filling it to capacity. 
  •             Enough space to fit that extra goodie you weren't expecting to find, but just had to...   
  •             Sturdy leather handles are a must. A rich burnt caramel color is my go-to. 
Many baskets offer various lengths of handles. I tend to opt for one with both. These baskets are typically used for trips to your local farmer's markets, but they may also be used to carry blankets, the makings of a picnic, wood and even laundry. A market basket is a beautiful necessity for the classic home. 

If looking for your first, I would suggest one of my favorite online shops, Mur. This darling corner of the web carries many charming, artisanal and useful pieces. I hope you enjoy browsing their selection as much as I do!

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