Sweet Persimmons + Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Tis the season of a marvelous fruit, the persimmon.  A beautiful burnt orange, this produce has a soft sweetness that pairs well with a multitude of flavors.  A thoughtful friend shared a bag of her freshly picked harvest and I have been in a silly state of excitement ever since.  I have far too many ideas for this little bundle of fresh fruit.  As to be expected, I could not wait to capture their beauty.  Until I had time to create more intricate recipes I  decided to try a simple plating.  My result, the drizzling of a rich and velvety aged, fig balsamic over freshly slice Fuyu persimmons.  I love the depth of the balsamic against the smooth, subtle sweetness of the persimmon. It is my current favorite for a light and lovely afternoon treat.  I hope you give this sweet combination a try! I know you'll love it. 

{Aged Balsamic Vinegar + Sweet Persimmons}

Fuyu Persimmons, ripe + organic
Aged Balsamic Vinegar, preferably fig, vanilla or honey flavored

Harvest your persimmons yourself, if possible; nothing beats fresh produce.  Wash each persimmon. Place on a sturdy cutting board and thinly slice each persimmon.  Plate your fruit as you wish and finish with a light drizzle of your aged balsamic. Savor and enjoy!

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