Sweet Potato Soup Purée

It's been a lovely mellow winter so far, here in the sunshine state, and I am grateful.  Yet, even amidst our sunny winter days, I still find myself longing for the romance of roaring fires and toasty warm soups.  In our home, evenings in are highly prized and you will often find me wrapped in a large blanket cuddled into a corner of the couch.  In such weather, our little family has a deep love for soups, soups of all kinds.  Hearty and homemade soups are the ideal preference.  Our crockpot earns it's keep as I am continually trying new variations, , from throwing in everything we have to keeping it light and simple.  There's really no end to the world of soups and I believe that's why I am always encouraged to try something new!  

A chilly afternoon at home inspired the smooth soup purée I am sharing with you today.  It's beautiful to look at and even lovelier to serve as a first course at your next winter dinner party.  My first spoonful brought a lovely element of surprise. The purée was deliciously sweet, as though I was having dessert for dinner. Mmmm…whoops! The beautiful truth is I was enjoying a bountiful amount of pure nutrients and fiber, unaltered and unprocessed, and all of the decadent sweetness found in the purée was derived directly and naturally from these rich veggies.

Root vegetables and squashes encompass the perfect flavor, texture and depth for the cold evenings of the winter season.  Our bodies crave their heartiness. Take advantage of this season's rustic produce and try this little recipe for yourself.  Enjoy it as a first course or pair it with dark green vegetables and toast or even, perhaps, as your final sweet treat of the evening! You choose!

Wishing you many warm and happy moments in your kitchens this lovely winter season, my dear friends. Bon Appétit! 

{Sweet Potato Soup Purée}

3 lbs Sweet Potatoes, organic, skinned + chopped
1 Butternut Squash, organic, halved + deseeded
2 Sweet Onions, organic, peeled + chopped
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp Coconut Oil, organic,  extra virgin + cold-pressed
1/2 tbsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp Sea Salt 

Almond Milk, unsweetened - Optional
Sea Salt + Pepper, to taste

Begin by warming your oven to 400 degrees. Place your Butternut halves in a baking dish with the inside up. Spread your 2 tbsp of Coconut Oil all over, letting most of the oil sit in the scooped center. Bake until flesh is very soft, around 40-50 minutes. Warm up the rest of your coconut oil.  I love to scoop it into a glass measuring cup and place in the oven while preheating. Combine your Sweet Potatoes and Onions in a mixing bowl with the warmed 1/2 cup of Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Sea Salt.  Toss well.  Spread mixture onto a large baking pan and roast until very soft and golden, 40-50 minutes. When ready, scoop out the insides of your Butternut and purée in a high-speed blender, (I use a Blendtec) 1-2 cups at a time, until you reach your desired consistency.  Repeat with the Sweet Potatoes and Onions.  Place all in a large soup pot and stir on low until well mixed.  Feel free to add unsweetened Almond Milk to the soup purée if you wish for a thinner soup.  Simply add 1/4 cup at a time until you reach your desired consistency. Finish with a little Sea Salt and Pepper to taste. Serve immediately + enjoy!

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