Roasted Roots

Fresh brisk fall weather has finally arrived in my sunny San Diego hometown.  With it comes a deep desire to warm up the oven and roast root veggies. I couldn't pass up these beautiful colorful carrot babes today. I brought them home ready to make some tasty treats.

It's all too easy to toss these gorgeous veggies in melted ghee, sprinkle them with some good chunky Celtic sea salt and whisk them into a toasty oven! If you feel inspired to roast some veggies of your own, set your oven to 350 and bake for 30 minutes or longer. Determine your bake time by analyzing the thickness of your root veggies... the bigger and thicker the roots the longer they should roast. Look for slightly golden skin and a gently give when touched. Pull out of your oven and enjoy the caramelized fragrance of roasted roots!

I hope you can enjoy the cozy feeling of warming up your oven and the satisfying taste of grounding winter food! Happy blustery Sunday to you!

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