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Summer is slowly coming to an end.  The days are already cooling off and I am looking forward to the fresh crisp air of the fall season. As the weather turns, so does my kitchen flair.  Recipes and images of baked treats and warm cozy soups start to fill my head. It's time to prepare my little pantry for this new season.  As I prepare, I thought I could give you all a little peak into my pantry this week.  Sound fun?  My plan is to share all the more unusual ingredients and brands I currently use and what few core items I always keep fresh in the fridge for quick and easy meals. I linked the markets I currently shop, but I also gather many of the fresh items at local farmers markets, when available.

Now, I must ask a favor of you before I begin. Some of you may disagree with my choices.  I accept your opinions and will be the first to say I do not always use the finest or best ingredients. I am choosing to be honest with you. Even though I will always encourage you to find the highest quality you can, this is not always an option.  It's important to recognize that most of us do not have the luxury of supplying our kitchen with the very best of every single ingredient.  That would be a heavenly kitchen to be sure! At this time in my life, I chose to purchase the highest quality ingredients I can, within my means.

Thank you for your gracious approach to my humble pantry. May this be a sweet little resource for you as you enjoy baking through my recipes this next season.  Follow the links or visit the markets I share to find the ingredients for yourself. If it's a local market and you do not live in San Diego, then check for it in your local health food stores.

If you want a way to continue following my pantry additions, go above to the pin tab and follow my pantry board on pinterest!  Please feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations below.  I love trying new products!
Alrighty... here we go!

{Natural + Lovely's Pantry}

Flours + Breads

Spices + Salts + Extracts
Himalayan Sea Salt: for cooking.
~ Himalayan + Alaea Sea Salt: for fresh, highly nutritious seasoning. I never heat this salt. 

Oils + Butters
~ Raw Organic Grass-Fed Butter
~ Organic Ghee: Clarified Butter - free of casein + lactose

Sweeteners + Dressings
~ Raw Organic Honey: I never heat this.
Raw Organic Liquid Honey: I use this for baking.
Raw Organic Agave: I'm using this less and less, but it's still a good one to stock.
Brianna's French Vinaigrette Dressing: my absolute favorite!

Fresh + Prepped

Tonics + Teas
~ Kombucha
~ Alcohol-Free Swedish Bitters: diluted in hot water to aid in digestion. 
~ Aloe Vera Juice
~ Coconut Water: great for smoothie + green juice base.


~ Blendtec: blends + liquifies/juices.
~ Cookie Sheet: my absolute favorite one!
~ Pastry Sheet: this makes cookies cook evenly + it's easier to clean than an oily pan. 


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