A Trip Away

 It came upon us quickly, our trip away, yet we felt ready. The glorious mountains beckoned us. In a season of rain and cold, we braved the outdoors. Yosemite was our destination. 

It was beautiful. Worthy of the long drive and almost too perfect for words, the great rocky peaks and rich green forrest-filled valleys soothed our road weary souls. Every majestic waterfall flowed with such power and grace, filling us with wonder. I loved watching the water danced in front of me, rushing over dramatic cliffs, crashing into deep pools and sweeping through rocky rivers. It seemed alive. 

The valley was full of this water dance. We traveled from one great display to the next, amazed at the artistry and splendor before us. We felt God's joy and passion for His earth. His artistry was overwhelming. 

A short, but sweet trip, it was the breathe of fresh air we required. I am reminded, as I come home, of the beautiful heaven I live in every day. With the salty sea a light walk away and the might mountains a simple drive away, I will forever embrace and give thanks for this sweet home of mine. There truly is no place like home

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