Refreshing Cranberry Spritzer

       Happy April to all you lovely foodies! It's been a busy birthday month for me, full of surprises and adventures.  Amidst celebrating my 25th year I started up a business with a dear friend. Yes, I started a business.  I's a big decision.  Fortunately, I am blessed to have a brilliant, hilarious and feisty partner to keep me going when I poop or wimp out.  It's rather handy. Thank goodness for sturdy souls like her!

It's through the busy seasons of life, like now, that I find it difficult to get creative with food and drink.  I  go into survival mode and forget to make time to eat well.  Can you relate? During these times I try to add simple -slightly creative- splashes to my ho-hum snacks and meals. Today, it was a little twist on my standard hydration approach. I love my water.  I will always advocate drinking loads and loads of this natural elixir, but occasionally it's fun to sip other tasty liquids like kombucha, aloe vera juice, coconut water and straight, raw cranberry juice.

This afternoon, it was the cranberry juice that captured my fancy. With a tart lip-puckering and refreshing flavor, the pure cranberry was the perfect match for my sunny day.  I decided to add a little lime-infused sparkling water for some bubble and a few squirts of stevia to soften the dramatic
tart pucker. 

{Cranberry Spritzer}

1 1/2 cup 100% Pure Organic Cranberry Juice

1/2 cup Lime-Infused Sparkling Water
1-2 Droppers Full of Natural, Pure, Liquid Stevia
Cute Mason Jar + Quirky Straw

I received a little treat in the mail -my Anthropologie magazine- that paired perfectly with my spritzer. Browsing this lovely magazine, I sipped  my way through each page.  I love the creative found in fashion and design.  It's enough to motivate me to pursue my own little artistic adventures. Today, it seems all I needed was Anthro's eclectic approach to fashion and a glass of cranberry bubbly to find inspiration.

I wish you all a jolly first week of April as I cheers with my bubbly! May you be inspired as well.

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