A Day of Rest

There are times in life when one must simply stop.  I don't believe we've learned how to stay still.  Even when we are quiet, our minds run, never giving us a moment of nothing.

Once a month I have a wonderful gift,  a promised day or two of forced rest.  It began as a doctor's order to cleanse my gallbladder and liver.  Doesn't that sound like fun? But, now, I look forward to it.  It seems I require a reason for resting. It gives me the stoutness of heart to follow through and to silence the nagging of get back to work.

Today was my day in April.  It was a dreary and cozy one, truly perfect for staying indoors.  With only the sound of the wind against the window panes, it was quiet and peaceful.  Everything becomes simple and basic on these days.  Meals, once I can have them, are nourishing and small.  Light and easy is my motto.  A warm and flavorful chicken broth paired with grain-free toast slathered in rich creamy ghee and salted perfectly with my favorite pink salt was my delicious treat this afternoon. You may laugh, but it was exactly what I wished for in the moment.

As my day came to a close and the reality of tomorrow sunk in, I wondered at the pace we all seem to keep.  The lists in our minds that we are continually attempting to check-off, appointments, work every day, maintenance of all our belongings, creative projects, relationships with friends and family... it truly does not stop. Unless, we choose to close the door and let it all go. It's difficult, but so worth it.

I encourage you to try taking your own day of rest this month.  Find a place of quiet comfort and focus on the simple things of life.  Breathe. 

With that I leave you.  Cheers to you dear friends, may you rest soon.

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